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Adorable Dill-hole

This adorable, miniature, 10 pound monster ruined my entire night of sleep.

He decided he did not want to go to the bathroom while there was lightening in the sky or the grass was wet. We've been going outside like every half hour since 11 pm here.


1) For those of you with kiddos, my pain is nothing compared to your's. On the other hand, I have dogs intentionally (adopting older dogs with with even more choice), so that my child poops in the yard. Occasionally the house.

2) This is my doggie that came to me so abused that it took about a year for him to let anyone else than me touch him. Raising our voices or trying to use a leash do not work with him. Without going into detail, with his history, it's going to be a few more years before we get there. Thus, we wait for him to go.

Back to the point...(stop feeling sorry for the bravest puppy ever!) Feel sorry for me!

After writing that, don't... Go adopt a sweet, quirky older dog. I have 3 and you can't go wrong!


Way to talk me down guys... By that I mean, thanks for allowing me the privilege to post crap that turns into something meaningful!

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