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Adorable Text From My Mom

A little background: a couple of weeks ago my mom got into a terrible car accident. She was incredibly lucky, and only had minor cuts/bruises/injuries. I realized that before her accident I hadn't talked to her for a couple of weeks (I live far away from her, and we both get really involved in what's going on in our lives and forget to touch base on a regular basis - don't judge me!), and I decided to make a concerted effort to call her more, and to start texting her. So the other day I had this text exchange:

Me: Recouperating? How's it going?

Mom: Great. I am about ninety percent normal now.

Me: Mom, you'll never be 100 % normal. Give up the dream... You weren't even 90% normal before the crash.


Mom: That must mean I am as good as new!

Me: That must be it...

Mom: I love you only as a slightly goofy mom can.

Me: Damn it! you just made me tear up at dinner! I love you only as a severely goofy kid can.

Mom: We make a good pair then, don't we?

Me: We do!!

Overt displays of affection are just not done in my family. So that last bit really threw me! She's the best.


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