I just remembered the other day when I stopped by my sisters, I was leaving and my 6 year old niece was walking me out, and we somehow got on the topic of last names, and I told her what my last name was. And that I didn't take my husband's last name.

So she asked what my last name was, and then she asked what his was. And I told her, some people take their husband's last name and some don't. You can do whatever you want. And then SHE said, "And the husband can take the wife's last name!" And I said, "YES! They absolutely can! Barlydude could have taken mine, but we decided to keep our own...".

She is so smart. She has also jumped in when talking about dating and finding someone you love, and said that "girls can love girls and boys can love boys".... She is so freaking amazing.

The next generation ladies and gentlemen :)