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Adrienne of Native Appropriations saw The Lone Ranger so you don't have to. (Spoilers)

Illustration for article titled Adrienne of Native Appropriations saw The Lone Ranger so you dont have to. (Spoilers)

And it's as miserable as you thought.

She is braver than I - I will not be seeing that shit. Her breaks down is great and actually the movie seems even worse than I thought complete with war whoops, people speaking in broken english, that fun stereotype of the "mystical Indian", and actual Native actors not having lines. Apparently, Tonto is just wacky and basically watched his tribe die twice! Once time made him crazy and the other he made a joke?


The entire piece is fantastic, of course. The part that struck me the most is something that I try to stress when I talk about the dangerous portrayal of Native folks in Hollywood.

My theater had a bunch of kids in it. I kept thinking about what images they were leaving the theater with–and that left me upset and worried. Now an entire new generation is going to play the Lone Ranger and Tonto at recess, thinking Indians talk in incomplete and inconsistent pidgin English, think all Indians are dead, and that it’s ok to dress as an “Indian” for Halloween. While this might be a flash-in-the-pan film, it solidifies the continuing views of Native peoples as lesser, as relics of the past, as disappearing, as roadblocks to “progress.” Tonto might have been less of a sidekick and running the show, but in the end, the LR gets the girl and the glory, and Tonto ends up in a museum. Hows that for a re-imagining.


Ding ding ding!

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