I've been feeling a little stressed lately and found something super simple and relaxing to unwind.... coloring. The interwebz have so many great adult coloring books out there. Right now I'm using my Prismacolor pencils but I have some really good markers I just need to find them. I just ordered this Posh book with cute floral designs. On top of that I discovered a series called Color Me Good featuring none other than Jezebel's Goldenboy Benedict Cumberbatch. And while I am waiting for my Posh book to arrive I printed off a Rosie The Riveter because I just had to color something and I've decided I will frame this and put it in my soon to be son's nursery. I used to paint and draw often but in the past few years I've felt a bit uninspired (and unmotivated) but still enjoy the act of putting color down and this is a great way to de stress and still feel like I'm creating something. Try it guys... you won't regret it.