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Adult Stores (toy shops?)

****NSFW obvs* TMI perhaps?....*****

I'm watching this episode of Louie and he goes into an adult store looking for a dildo. It's making me laugh because he's looking around looking nervous and confused and that's basically how I probably looked when I walked into one for the first time in February.

I told my friend "Hey, let's go in there" not knowing what it REALLY was until I got close to the door. Yeah...I was very curious and also confused.


I've been thinking lately I should go to one or something but I just get too embarrassed or nervous. I think I may need to get me something to get through my grad school years...Problem is is that I am a virgin so I am not sure about dildos or anything of the sort. I basically use my fingers and call it a day but I've been noticing the past few years (not sure if it's because of the birth control I have to take or if it's just the natural progression of things) that my fingers aren't doing too much to help me...finish. Are there any things I need to do to see what kind of toy I would need to get?

I feel like every year I start to nod my head and come out of my shell sexually and this is just another step closer to opening up my mind to new things. *shrugs* I like to think it's progress.

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