alt. title: help me quit my job?

So first, exciting news: I got a new job!! I’ve been looking for the past couple months, and today got an offer! It’s pretty similar to my current position but much closer to home, and the organization seems to have much more structure and opportunity to advance (not to mention my current office is somewhat of a hellish clusterfuck, GIRL BYE).

So I need to give my two weeks’ notice (which is actually 3 weeks but I have vacation planned for one of those weeks already) sometime before the end of this week. So: do I have to say something to my 2 bosses in person or can I just send an email? What do I say? How do you write a resignation letter gah halp. I guess I could just google that last one.

Ok next question: when should I tell them? We’re meeting tomorrow morning about this shitty project I hate and is part of why I’m leaving, but my obnoxious tries-to-boss-me-around coworker will also be there, and I don’t really want to bring it up in front of her. And tomorrow I have two patient visits—one with each boss—that will take up my entire day. My first impulse was to wait until Friday to say something, but the one boss I actually like isn’t in on Fridays. And I guess just ripping the band-aid off is easier, but... blugh.

ETA: thank you all for your input! Message received, I will tell them in person. Thing is, I can probably only catch one boss before the no-fun meeting at 10 tomorrow, and I’m pretty dead-set on not discussing it with shitty coworker there. So... maybe I could just ask to speak to both of them afterwards?


TBH, I am reeeeally tempted to sit through this meeting (which usually contains lots of NOTHING IS EVER GOOD ENOUGH’s and YOU NEED TO DO X* MORE’s) with the confidence of knowing, nope, actually, I don’t.

*X is a process that is rapidly becoming infeasible (unfeasible?) and which I’ve been arguing against for a year; but I don’t have a proposed alternative besides “hire more help,” which ain’t happening. WHATEVER DUDES YOUR PROBLEM NOW