Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Adulting and avoidance (hooray for little things)

I am a champion avoider. Things really do take care of themselves if you do nothing, but the consequences are unpredictable and never good. You would think at nearly 40 I might develop a deeper understanding of this. It seems not and this makes Adulting very difficult. My recent funk adds a complicating layer.

I managed to order two prescriptions (I keep forgetting because I'm so stressed about the Big Things that have taken over my life and sanity), send one email out on something that is a Big Thing, and a fairly short phone call regarding a Really Big Thing. I'm on chat with an online university about a Big Thing, too. There will be many more steps for each Thing, but I flicked the first domino on them. I'm trying to keep my timeline


I'm still in my nightgown, but I've had coffee and the blinds are open. Given the Horrible Things going on right now I'm trying to savor these little victories. Join me with gifs or your own little victories.

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