Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I'm going through a fuck-up at my job. Not all mine, and the most damaging aspect of it not something I did. But I have an imposter syndrome flare-up going off like a weather siren in my head. Feeling guilty/stupid, etc.


I remember when I had jobs that didn't matter, and I didn't care about them. GOD I miss that right about now. At the time, yes, I was bored out of my mind, not challenging myself or working up to any potential. I was dying to do something that would mean something to me. Wow, did I not anticipate or appreciate what a burden I would be to myself when I inevitably fuck up in a normal, human way in the work that means something to me. (Aside: This is how I used to feel about sin, back when I was a very religious youth. Like just knowing that I had the capacity to sin made me guilt-and-punish myself constantly.)

Help me make it through Monday, GT. Tell me about work fuck-ups—the ones at stupid jobs that didn't matter/you laughed at; the ones that taught you something about yourself; the ones that ate you up inside; the ones other people did that made you hate them; the ones other people freaked out about while you told them it was going to be okay.

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