Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

So hangover intact, the radio show happened. I came home and dug into some GroupThink and Jez slowly realizing that my power cord is back at the studio all the way downtown. This quickly resulted in me taking a 4 hour nap. A nap of "Really? We have to do this again?"
Tomorrow, I'll be babysitting again and somehow have to get my ass downtown to pick up the cord, hoping it's still there, get back up here to let the dog out, exhaust him enough so I don't feel bad, and try to get some housework done for when Husband gets back home.
I feel like such a wuss. 4 days of work. Not even full time. And I feel like this. Yeah, the hangover is mostly due to exhaustion and dehydration. I drank less than I normally do but was so damned tired AND had barely eaten (had dinner right before going to the woof and wine). Even when I came home and collapsed on the bed, I had four fluffy needy (of course adorable) faces all over me. Wonderful but omg the need! There's so many of you!!! The lady of the house, Madison, chooses to be kinda aloof until she wants something.
Not asking for pity. I know it's a learning curve and I'm getting back on it. I just really look up and admire all of you hard working men and women. And especially those with kids and/or a household full of animals. And now I'm going to bed.

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