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Adulting Fail

My husband and I have separate blankets. His is this blue fluffy thing. He has never washed it. I thought I would do him a favor and wash it when I did the rest of the sheets last week. It wasn't visibly dirty, it smelled fine, it just literally hadn't been washed in a year. I followed the instructions on the tag exactly.

Now it smells like pee.

I used Tide Free & Clear. It didn't smell like pee before. Nothing else that I have washed smells like pee. I've done 6 loads of laundry before rewashing it tonight. It smells LESS like pee, but still sort of like it.


How do I fix this? I feel really bad.

ETA: well, looks like SOMEONE doesn't mind the faint smell of urine. I'm sure this was all part of his master plan.

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