Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Because I am hella productive today. I have successfully unfucked my bedroom, or at least all the spaces that I put all my crap on. I threw out god knows how many receipts, because I hoard them for no particular reason. Next up on my adulting to do list is vote (which is a short walk away from me - so I can excercise and fulfill my civic duty at the same time) and drop my car off at the shop because it is sick. Woomp Woooomp.

I haven't been this productive in years. It felt good to just scratch some of this stuff off my list, because my room needed some reorganization. Mr. Agador Spartacus will be exceptionally proud of me, because I'm somehow the slobby one of the two of us. I never expected to find someone who was better organized than me, and I'm not a terribly messy person, relatively speaking.


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