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So remember that thing I posted about a month ago that caused me FUCKTONS of anxiety and an existential crisis?

It has been dealt with.

After a month of back-and-forth via email and anxiously waiting for a letter, I have something I can work with.


I feel so strange and so.. free. Granted, I will still have to deal with this for years to come and spend decades (yepp) paying off stupid financial decisions from my youth but it is not hanging over me anymore! I feel like a huge weight has lifted from my shoulders! After a decade of running, hiding and anxiety/paranoia, I am finally facing my mistakes and dealing with them. All of this before I turn 30, I am so proud...

Lesson learned:

  • People who are young do not make the best financial decisions
  • People who are grieving / whose spouse is dying do not make the soundest financial decisions
  • My family (especially my dad) is the WORST when it comes to money
  • Do never, ever trust people to take care of your issues for you, even when they caused them and promised you that they will help you

And we went to the registrar’s office and set an official wedding date. BOOM. I am now drinking wine. How are you on this lovely Tuesday, GT?

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