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Adulting: Moms Aren't Always Right

My car has two visors that someone (MY MOM) broke somehow and they've been hanging on by binder clips and a length of chicken wire for about 6 months now. I kept telling my mom that we should just bring it to the dealer and she thought it would be too expensive.

So I said fuck it and called them about it. They said that the visors were likely covered under warranty and to bring the car in when I could. I relayed that to my mother and she, in her infinite paranoia, said that they are probably lying to get me into the shop so they could fleece me.


Today I brought the car to the dealer to get a quote on how much it would cost and, lo and behold, the car is still under warranty. Not only did they replace the visors but they did a full vehicle inspection for free. And they didn't pressure me to buy anything or get any unnecessary services.

That dealer has a customer for life!

I also had time to go get a chill lunch on my own and a coffee like a fancy lady who lunches.



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