Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I absolutely HAVE to go to the dry cleaners before they close, otherwise Mr Kay Kay has no trousers for work tomorrow. He only has two pairs, and the others are just about ready to walk off on their own accord.

But I don't WAAAAAANNNTTTT TOOOOO. He can't go himself as he doesn't finish work until 2030, and it's too far away from his office.


Plus...I did SO MUCH adulting yesterday!!!! Not in order:

*I threw all the bad food out the fridge

*CLEANED every part of the fridge individually by removing all the shelves

*did three loads of laundery and dried 2.5 of them (I can only carry so much okay???)


*did a MOUNTAIN of washing up from the weekend

* Cleaned the toilet and the floor in the toilet

* Cleaned the floor in the bathroom

* Went food shopping

*made tapenade from scratch (well I didn't grow the olives but you understand),

*made dinner


*swept the entire flat

*polished the coffee table

* got a quote from the caterers for the wedding

* Watered all the plants

* Took out the bins

I had intended to finish cleaning the flat today but have done....nothing......there is still a lot to do and I want to get on top of everything.



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