Good news, everyone! My divorce decree was finally mailed to me along with the remaining balance of my retainer. It’s officially official now, woohoo!

Now comes the fun (not so fun) part. So I am now on my 3rd bankruptcy lawyer, because lawyers 1 and 2 sucked. Lawyer 1 never returned any of my calls, and after a couple of weeks of trying, I gave up and went to Lawyer 2.

Lawyer 2 was from a big firm, but she was so awful and corporate that it was like paint by numbers lawyering. I understand the rules of filing for bankruptcy, namely that it can’t be filed until the full balance is paid to the attorney because otherwise they don’t get paid. Well, I also don’t have thousands of dollars to pull out of my ass so soon after spending so much money on a divorce. Most attorneys will work with people on that. Not paint-by-numbers lawyer. The words “I have no family or friends that can cosign so that I can pay in installments” fell on deaf ears. It was also very emotionally triggering for me, because I had literally just dealt with a lot of trauma. She just kind of shrugged. So I said fine, we’ll have to put things off until I have the full balance to move forward. Well, this fell on deaf ears too, because the next thing you know they’re calling me daily and harassing me to get my paperwork and balance in ASAP. Every day I received phone calls, including Sundays; it was worse than phone calls from debtors because I did not owe this law firm any money yet. I hadn’t even signed a retainer agreement, I just went in for the consultation.

So I sent a message off to Lawyer 3, who I am meeting with tomorrow. So far, he is great. Listened to my complaints about Lawyer 2, let me pay what I can for a down payment, and is willing to work on a payment plan for the remaining balance. He also talks like a human being, and didn’t expect me to have all of my files organized before even calling. Lucky for him, Lawyer 2 was so insistent on me having every single piece organized before the initial consultation that I am about 90% done with the paperwork required of me.

I just spent hours going through initial credit counseling, which I had already set up around Lawyer 2’s pressure, and going through the checklist of things I needed to get sent to Lawyer 3. This is the least fucked I have felt by this whole process. Finally, I might actually be getting a hang of this adulting thing!