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Adulting Skilz: Faking the Polite

I'm not too terribly good at the fake politeness required for adulthood. Wicked sarcasm leaks through— my eyebrows always shoot up high on my forehead when confronted with things I shouldn't react to. I fool no one.

Despite my lack of skill, I do try to keep things bland. In fact, I just attempted REALLY REALLY HARD to keep the WTF out of an email. Here is a redacted copy for your amusement:

Good afternoon XXXX,

I stayed at your lovely hotel two weeks ago for the XXXXX conference and today, when I was reviewing my credit card charges, I noticed one charge I was not expecting for $XX dollars. Could you please review your records for this charge? I think it may be due to the dinner I had at the XXX restaurant there on-site, but I was told that the charge would be waived as there was a fire during the dinner and our meal was interrupted by the need to evacuate when the alarm went off.

If you could please clarify this charge, I would appreciate it.


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