Alright, y'all.

I'm having lots of fun with my Ciate nail polish advent calendar, but I'm faced with the following dilemma. I leave for a visit to my mom in California on Dec. 18. I will not be done opening all the boxes on the calendar yet. I suppose I *could* take it with me, but seriously, with luggage fees, and just generally trying to pack light (particularly since I'll be bringing gifts back home with me), I'm not inclined to do that.

SO. Can I open days 18-25 before I leave?! Or do I have to wait until I get back after New Years? WHAT IS THE PROPER ADVENT CALENDAR ETIQUETTE HERE?

Also, completely unrelated, I'm thinking about starting a semi-regular post called "Things I Own." Because I own some weird shit, y'all. I just happened across these. (There's only one in this picture, but there is of course a pair of them.)