After some professional adulting yesterday for house-related issues (set up a time for the window/door guy to begin work on the rotted out frame on the front door, he said it won’t be a problem saving the stained glass transom, hooray!! Also hired a surveyor to assess the actual property line,) I’m back to feeling like I’m in way over my head. Help me figure out how to configure my living room!

The room is massive: fairly wide and VERY long. There are competing focal points: a working fireplace on one end, bay window and formal side porchon the other end, french doors in the center, and an original built-in bench next to the fireplace.

I don’t mind breaking the room into two separate sitting areas. I need to figure out where to put my television, & how to arrange the furniture, without it feeling like a bowling alley. Have some pics! ETA: added another pic for length!


Advance apologies to anyone who follows me on Instagram, because I’m pretty sure my feed is going to be all interior before and after pics, all the time.