It was brought to my attention last week that my post title of "Adventures in cottaging" was confusing to non-Canadians. The following exchange is referring to the flying squirrels nesting in the kitchen wall;

Buenos Noches Londres: Those were not the "bad boys" I was expecting, re cottaging.

Me:What were you expecting? Jet skiing frat bros? And we do get them too, just not in the walls.

BNL: I was expecting cottaging! (Definitely not jet skis… although I suppose there's no reason jet skis couldn't be incorporated into cottaging.)

Me: Sadly, jet skis are a feature of cottaging these days. They run back and forth all over the lake sometimes all day long. I was fortunate that there weren't as many this year as some previous years.


BNL: Seriously?! Are we talking about the same cottaging?

Me: tee hee; I suspect not! In Canada, Ontario at least "cottaging" refers to summer vacations at a rustic abode (the cottage) usually on a lake. What does it mean for you?

BNL: Ah. Here it's very, very, definitely gay sex in public toilets.

I snortlaughed at this point

MrsFinch: This may be one of the best misunderstandings ever posted to GT.

Me: And then when I brought jet skis into the equation ... "Quick Martha; hand me the binoculars! What the hell ARE they doing on those dagnabit jet skis? I'm reporting them to the Cottagers' Association! ... wait, the COTTAGER'S Association?!"


So I've changed the wording of my title to protect the sensibilities of non-Canadians. We cottage in the bush you know!

That's the old pile in the top picture; 111 years old. Beau at the bottom of the steps. At one point there were 14 people who would spend the summer there; my great-grandparents, their 10 kids, and 2 servants (!), a "hired" (or "hard" man as my grandmother used to pronounce it), and a hired girl, who would do cooking and laundry. Now there's only me :( But I do like my privacy.

On to the wildlife; BOIDS! I called them the duck brothers., but they were probably females. Four Common Mergansers.


Close-up, they'd look like this;


And here's a series of a fox and kit; we were about 10-15 feet out from shore on a pontoon boat. I got a movie but can't post it :( so you'll have to be satisfied with stills. The parent was very unconcerned that we were there, but the kit ran into the bushes.


As you can see in the last picture, the adult is unconcerned enough that it's scratching it's ear.