I have been working as a part time nanny for the past few years through a nanny service. The family I usually work for doesn't need me for the next three weeks (summer camp) so I have been picking up as many "on-call" positions as I can to make up the hours.

I am on such a job right now. One of the kids is at the pool with a neighbor and the boy at home has been watching videos of some dude playing some video game on YouTube on an iPad. When his mom left, I sat down and watched with him and asked some questions about it. He was not very talkative and seemed very focused on the video. Just listening to the audio of this guy's commentary while playing this game is THE MOST ANNOYING THING EVER. I had to move across the room because it was driving me crazy. The mom didn't mention any limits to how long the kid could be on the iPad so I don't really feel like I should take it away just because I'm bored, BUT I AM SO BORED. Now I'm playing on my phone and feel like a shitty babysitter. To be honest, I'm kind of afraid to upset this kid because he was a huge asshole to his mom when I first arrived.

90 minutes til bedtime, then 3 hours til mom is home. ENTERTAIN ME! How was your day? Do you have any babysitting horror stories to share? A funny gif? ANYTHING, PLEASE!

Please excuse any weird typos. The auto correct on my phone is being super weird right now...

ETA: this exchange just happened:

him: CHIPS!

Me: what?


Me: You want some more chips?

Him: YES!

He is EIGHT. The three year old I babysat last week had better manners.