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Adventures in Cake (Edited with cake pictures)

I am making a cake to take to the office tomorrow! A chocolate cake with gin buttercream (with a little cherry juice) frosting.

Problem: I am in Juneau for the summer and I don't have my stash of gluten-free baking things.* So I did a box mix. It is not one I have used before and I don't know how it will taste. I do not want to ruin all my new office-friendships by feeding people a bad cake. Normally I would make a cupcake on the side to test, but I forgot.

Solution: Frost the top of the cake only with an extra thick layer of buttercream. Cut it in squares a la brownies to make square cupcakes. Eat one of the resulting 16 small squares as a test. Top each remaining square with a maraschino cherry.


Inadvertent problem: SO MUCH EXTRA FROSTING. Why does this always happen?

This is a good plan? Confirm/deny. What do I do with all the extra frosting (make more cake???)?

*There is no way I would finish a package of xantham gum in 3 months and that shit is like $16!


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