Anyone who is or has been plus-sized already knows that the shopping options are limited. I've been every size between a 4 and 24, and I know that at any size, my body shape (hourglass with legs like a linebacker) is a tough fit. At a plus-size, shopping is simply an exercise in frustration.

I've been trying to upscale my wardrobe to a more professional, polished, classic look for work. You know what is not professional and polished? Most plus-sized options. I've found most options fall into the following categories:

Clothes that look like you are wearing a tent

Clothes that look like you are wearing a box

Clothes with garish prints and a multitude of sparkles and baubles sprinkled all over them

Clothes so "fitted" that you look like a sausage

Black, black, and more black


While it kills my tight-fisted, budget conscious self (spending more than $25 on an item of clothing causes a tightening in my gut), I would shell out $150+ for a blazer; I would gladly do it, if I could find one that fit properly (didn't hang like a sack). I would pay that to find a pencil skirt that I didn't need to buy three sizes bigger to fit my hips and then pay extra for tailoring so it will fit my waist. I would pay that for a dress that didn't cut off circulation in my arms when it fits well everywhere else. I would pay an ungodly sum for a pair of riding boots that fit my super-mega-plus-wide-width size calves. (Even at a size 4, the wide-calf options were too tight.) And on, and on, and on.


My resort has been online shopping. This is not always the greatest option as you don't get to try on the items or judge the quality prior to purchase, and you have to WAIT for it to arrive, but at least there is a little more choice. So for my fellow plus-sized ladies looking for options, below is where I've found some luck in looking for work-wear.

Land's End, Talbots, Macy's and...

eShakti. I know they have gotten a bad rap, but I threw caution to the wind and ordered a sheath dress, customized with my measurements, in a mid-weight wool. I nearly cried when I put it on. It FIT! It fit in the bust, the waist, the hips, the arms; it FIT! It was the right length, right sleeve length, right neckline. AND it wasn't spandex! I wish they offered more color options and more work-wear options.