Yesterday I tried to make falafel. Except that I bought haricot blancs instead of chickpeas and didn't realise until I opened the can (moron). Never mind - I was sure I had a spare can. Or not.

So apparently falafel (or faux falafel) tastes okay when made with kidney beans and lentilles instead of chickpeas. Especially if you put some hot chilli powder in it.... I have no idea how restaurants manage to get the falafel to look non greasy. I have to fry them. Even after absorbing the oil in kitchen towel it still looked a bit greasy.

Anyway, I was pretty unconvinced when laying the table, but then we ate them all, so hurrah.

Then this morning - for possibly the first time in my entire life - I made a fruit smoothie. It is banana, mango and milk. It was actually very nice! But I'm still pretty hungry!

I don't get it - was that supposed to be breakfast? Or just a very high calorie drink? Or just for fun?


Does not compute.