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Welcome To The Bitchery

Adventures in Cooking

On another comment thread I posted about just going on a veggie-spree at the grocery store. And how I had bought things I didn't even know how to cook.

Well, I have an experiment going as we speak!

I bought a big bag o' turnip greens. I saw all these recipes that were all, "get some bacon or pork belly and cook 'em in that."


I did not have that ingredient. Nor was I willing to use that much saturated fat. So, I used my dutch oven to saute some onions in canola oil (I wanted the high flash point) with smoked ancho chile powder. And then I added a pork tenderloin that I had sliced up. When it was mostly cooked, I added a healthy glug glug glug of white wine. And tossed the turnip greens on top.

The lid is closed and they are steaming. Fingers crossed!

What are y'all cooking today?

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