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Adventures in cottaging (part 1)

I just got back from the cottage in northern Ontario (I take, and use a puffy winter coat in July). It's 111 years old, and ugleee as sin, but it's a roof over my head, and a mouse-eaten mattress to sleep on. The pic at the top is from my favourite sitting spot in front of the cottage.

Anyway, got some good pic's which I'll load up in a few days (boids! wildlife!), but I did not get a picture of this "visitation"; I'm in the kitchen, and hear bangety bangety noises and chirruping coming from inside the walls. The walls are pine paneling on the inside, and corrugated metal on the outside, with lots of spaces for small animals to enter. Bats inside are a real problem. But this sounded bigger than bats.


I cleared out the cats (only one's interested in hunting these days anyway), and waited quietly, and out from the gap around the window pops one of these bad boys;

a flying squirrel.

They're pretty shy, and since they are nocturnal you rarely see them. This guy didn't swoop around the kitchen, he or she just popped back in the nest in the wall and kept pretty quiet after that.


I have seen them "fly", which is actually a glide, since the "wings" are more like parachutes, and apparently they can glide nearly 300 feet, and control direction with wrist action.


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