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Adventures in Dating: CL Edition

So, as if dating on OKC wasn’t an experience enough, I also troll craigslist on occasion. Mostly it’s to skim the truly awful ads that are posted (dude, I get it, you want to offer a “tantric massage”—do you need to post 5 ads daily?), but occasionally an ad will pop up that seems just not-terrible enough to respond to. I hold out hope because I have a FWB who I met through CL that I’ve been seeing on/off for 6 years. Good things are possible(ish).

Two days ago, I responded to one, and he responded back in a decent way, and we exchange a couple of short messages as I try to clarify a couple of points he brought up. My last message to him was asking him his age because it wasn’t in his ad, plus a photo. His response?

Him: Who do you stay with?

What? That didn’t even remotely answer my question...and he didn’t include a photo (or so I thought; turns out he did, and he is a hottie, but I didn’t respond anyway because I’m always suspect of people who evade simple questions).


Today, I got a follow-up from him:

Him: 32, and you? Do you have any butt pics?

Oh, so close! 1) My age was literally in the first line of my initial message to you. 2) What the hell, dude?

If only he had refrained from that second question...My instinct is to ghost him, but there’s a part of me that wants to call him out on this shit.

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