So, I tried something the other day that I said I would never try because I was always afraid it would make me go crazy. I'm talking about acid.

Now, I've tried Ecstasy (great), MDMA (even better), coke (eh), speed (never again), shrooms (yes please), and I'm a big ol' pot head. In all of the situations, I've taken the aforementioned substances in safe environments with friends and knew what to expect. But by far, the worst feeling one was acid. I feel asleep and woke up right when it was kicking in and immediately knew what was going on and did not like it. It wasn't that I have a bad trip, I just didn't like the way it made my body feel. I couldn't trust any of my senses and that was the crux. Walking was weird because my equilibrium was off. I just want to be in a dark room looking at pretty pictures. I felt like a drug addict. It was barely half a hit and I honestly couldn't imagine taking more.

So GTer's, what are some of your best/ worst experiences with recreational drugs? To round it out, my best adventure was the first time I tried E. I was in college and one of the most beautiful guys that I was friends with knew I was rolling. So he lightly dragged his fingers down my face and kissed my forehead as he whispered, "Enjoy" in my ear. Just thinking about it now, more than 10 years later makes me smile =)