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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Adventures in Feminism

I've been out with people in London, and last night was taken to one of those clubs where people wear way too little clothing and the drinks are entirely too sugary. There was a bathroom attendant, and here is what she kept singing:

Pretty ladies, clean your poonanie, so the men will be happy. Wash, wash, wash your poonanie and the men will love you. Sexy ladies, pretty ladies.


I have no idea what to actually do with this. But I definitely wasn't so drunk that it was a hallucination even if I did do rainbow shots, because I did the shots in an attempt to get drunk enough to make that song make sense in my head. The dude I was with says it's pretty much the same thing in the men's only there the song tells them to wash their hands and wear cologne so they can get laid.


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