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Adventures in Generic Wedding Planning

My thoughts in no particular order:

-My father thinks he’s entitled to dictate my guest list, that’s hilarious. “Well my friends will be insulted!” My response: “Still not sure how that affects me”. I’m officially a snotty bride. You want to pay for the wedding sure we’ll have whoever you want. No? Okay than.

-He then told me my dress looks like what someone would wear to a Quinceanera.

-I picked out the sames shoes as my BFF wore 2 years ago, she’s hunting them down so fingers crossed free shoes!


-I’ve decided that my two dude friends who are standing on my side will officially be dubbed my honor guard.

-Logistically generic hotel wedding looks like the way to go. Way more stuff included, easier to stay and transport plus if guests are staying the night no one’s driving!

My parents are really dropping the ball on being a good in-law. Geekboy’s parents are seriously the nicest people I’ve met in my life. They are very respectful of privacy, they love me and Geekboy, seriously best ever. They’re older in their 70's and my folks are only in their 40's and not much in common. My parents invited (through me) them to dinner or brunch with Geekboy and me. My mother has now completely pawned organizing it through me. It’s like seriously you can’t organize going out to dinner for 6 people.

-So the two weddings I was bridesmaid in, the brides mother organized the shower...that’s who does it right? Granted one wedding it was a joint effort between MOH and the MOB. But the MOB was the hostess since the MOH lives across the country. The rest of us bridesmaids brought stuff and kicked her some cash, like $100 each total.

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