We all know how awesome my health is. I've had two syncopal episodes in two days, and that makes me upset and frustrated, and I end up feeling badly about myself and get depressed. But then I remembered...I'd been fighting a cold. Viruses trigger my syncope because reasons. I've been fighting the cold since last week, eating Mucinex like candy so nothing would settle in my lungs.

I have to be careful about mucus settling. I had the PE last year that damaged my lungs and was then hospitalized with pneumonia. They were concerned about a secondary pneumonia infection, and eventually I got over the infection. And now it's winter again. So yes, proactive expectorants.

I began wheezing occasionally on Monday, along with just difficulty breathing, and a bit of sharp chest pain that could only be eased by breathing shallowly. I called my doctor's office to make an appointment for this morning so at the very least I could get an inhaler.

I got to the doctor's AND WAS SENT PROMPTLY TO THE MOTHERFUCKING HOSPITAL. This is apparently going to happen for any respiratory issue from now til who the fuck knows, but maybe forever. The doctor said that between my fever and symptoms and the pain, he couldn't NOT send me. So he sent me to a hospital in the health care group for X-rays and a CT of my lungs. They ended up doing Xrays and a blood test that tests cardiac enzymes. The blood tests were able to rule out a clot, so no CT was needed. I've had radiology all up in my grill all year, so the less radiation, the better.

SO. I have bronchitis. But I have no clot. I went to work from the hospital, and as time goes on, I feel worse and worse, and I went to bed at like 5:30, but I feel so shitty that I can't fall asleep. So I wrote this out and ask for sympathy. Please?