"Oh, you're here again."

Why yes, Mr. Electrician. I work here. It's my office. That's my name on the closed door you just entered without knocking.

I'm especially grumpish to see this electrician on day two, he came in yesterday to install our electric smoke detector and led with this:

"Sugar, don't you worry about being all alone in this office after dark?"

Well, I didn't before, but I do now, so thanks for that, sugar.
Out loud, I just said that the boss would be back any minute, which wasn't true.


Now he and his coworker are here for a second day. The breaker panel is in my particular room and I've been treated today to, so far, two hours of strange men hammering in my office, walking around my ceiling, drilling, going up and down ladders, and worst of all whistling. I know they're just doing their job and I don't want to die in a fire, but I'm so weird about people being in my space. This one guy really likes dropping his tools on the floor. I think he's just picking them up and dropping them for funsies. Hmmm, which one is the loudest? Is it when I drop this drill onto a metal panel! NOPE TURNS OUT IT'S THE WRENCH.

Here's the playlist I am making just for them:
Pound the Alarm
Ring the Alarm
Electric Slide
We Didn't Start The Fire


Here is the non alcoholic drinking game (I'm playing with a rum&cokeholdtherum) I've invented to amuse myself—

Take a sip when:
Electrician turns to talk to someone with flashlight in his mouth thus shining it in my eyes even though it is day time and the lights are on.
Electrician drills the cover onto our breaker box, remembers something, immediately removes it again.
Electrician drops a zip tie, has to stomp down the ladder to get it.

Chug it when:
Electrician calls you sugar, sweetie, honey, any variant of fructose!
Electrician triggers the doorbell and whistles along.


Take a shot of water when:
Electrician hammers something with a non hammer object even though you can see the hammer right next to him.

Finish your drink when:
You are able to harmonize with sawing noises

Get a real drink when:
Damn smoke detector is finally installed