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Adventures In Makeup: Cat Eyes and Pin Curls

In hindsight, doing cat eyes as a novice in makeup is highly ambitious. Practice, however, makes perfect, so there's no time like the present to start practicing. Even with a lot of applying and re-applying, I've yet to achieve the perfect cat eye. I consider Siouxsie Sioux one of my makeup idols, so I'm not too bothered by the heaviness of the liner.
I once fumbled with pincurls as much as I fumble now with a cat eye. Over time, I've gotten better at rolling my hair. Last night, I rolled my pin-straight hair at midnight while dead tired!My success with pin curls gives me hope that my cat eye will improve.
On my face is foundation, eyeliner, lip gloss in a peachy color but goes on like it's clear,and my experimentation with pink eyeshadow as blush that you can't even see. Have a great day!
EDIT: I finally get the picture through, and I've got more lens flare than a JJ Abrams Star Trek film.I'm sorry in advance if that's distracting.


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