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Adventures In Makeup: Natural's Not It

I had to take a picture in a different place with a bright light shining in my face in order to get a good shot of the makeup that I have on right now. I might take more pictures this way despite it not being obliging to a flattering angle(I have to kneel down to get my face in the light).
This is my first attempt at a more "natural" look. I have so many shades of brown on my eyes right now, it's kind of silly that it's called "natural". Still, it indeed is a subtle and fairly pretty look. If it didn't include so much blending, I'd consider it a nice everyday look.
On Pinterest, you find a lot of tutorials for the Urban Decay Naked Palette. It's a very handy kit with lots of neutral shades. Many of the tutorials show you how to do a smokey, "natural" eye look with the palette. In fact, a lot of pinterest's hair and beauty board is about achieving a "natural" look with makeup. Nude lips, a smokey eye( but not "too" smokey for day) and soft curls is an often-pinned look. This is a far cry from the mid-century when the face needed to look far from natural. I'm not saying it's a better look, but it's sure different from the modern style.
Natural is in fashion, but is it really natural?We try and naturally recede our wastelines without the aid of corsets or girdles. We try not to look too formal even for a formal occasion. We even cake on lots of makeup just for the sake of it look like we're wearing nothing. I find it interesting that in our current quest for subtlety, we go through a lot of artifice.
I'm curious to see what the reaction will be from others.I'm going to see a dance performance with a mixed group.I'd like to see if my effort will be noticed, or if the ultimate achievement of "natural" makeup will be achieved and nobody will even notice.




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