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Welcome To The Bitchery

Adventures in Off-Brands

Since the pandemic has caused hoarding and supply chain issues most people have had to choose off-brands, or even just alternative brands, from what they normally would. Please share your best and worst experiences with new brands you’ve had to try because your normal product was not available. It doesn’t even have to be pandemic related really.

This wasn’t a pandemic purchase, but last year I was trying to pick more environmentally friendly items. I was looking for a new toilet paper because Cottonelle had somehow become a lint-riddled mess lately. Our store had a bamboo paper alternative, a brand called Caboo, and I figured we’d try it. I cautiously bought a small package of it. Guys... it is without a doubt the worst toilet paper I have ever had the misfortune of buying. It immediately disintegrated against any moisture, like melted in your hand. I will never buy that brand again. Any environmental impact it had was cancelled out by the amount you needed to achieve anything.


Something that was a pandemic purchase was Scott’s 1100 Sheet toilet paper. At the beginning of the panic buying me and some coworkers went to Costco (only one of us had a membership) and all that was left was Scott’s. We got the huge pack and split it amongst us in the parking lot. I have been pleasantly surprised by it. Even though it is pretty thin it does not fall apart instantly and doesn’t leave any fluffy lint behind. I would not be opposed to purchasing it again. My one friend hates it though, but I think she just doesn’t have the Caboo hindsight for comparison.

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