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Adventures in OKC: Take a Hint, Buddy

Below is the entirety of our exchanges, sent over the course of a full year.

Sent 7/6/2013:

Him: Come on over, little [redacted because it's a reference to my username]. My breath is here for the taking.


Me: This is one of the more poetic Red Rover taunts I've heard since grade school.

Him: Thank you, I think. So are you coming over? To Brooklyn, that is.

Sent 3/25/2014:

Him: Let's try this again. Hi.

Sent Yesterday:

Him: ..

Sent Today:

Me: (7:59am) I get the distinct vibe that you're just looking for someone to hookup with and never call again. That holds no appeal to me. Hence, the silence.


Him: (8:19am) Not at all. I never really understood that mentality.
If you enjoy someone, and they enjoy you, why wouldn't you come back for more?

Me: (8:38am) My point is that I'm not on here looking for just hookups, whether they call again or not. I don't need OKC for casual sex.


Him: (9:27am) Of course. What attractive woman does? But who said anything about casual sex?

Me: (9:42am) It's what you've been putting out, whether you realize it or not. And I'm frankly not naive enough to believe that you don't realize it. Forward, brief messages and immediate requests to meet don't communicate a desire for substantial connection. If your intents were otherwise, you might have picked up on that without having to be told.


Me: (2:34pm) ...And look who's gone silent now.

P.S. He also seems to have acquired a hipster pedo-stache over the course of the year. So bullet dodged.

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