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Adventures in OkCupid

In a moment of madness/curiosity this evening, I decided to get OkCupid. So far it's been harmless - but I have had a slightly interesting (not weird, not creepy) encounter.

There's this guy who I half know from church (he's since left) and as I was setting my account up I did think, wouldn't it be funny if I saw Tom* here? Especially as my friend did always have it in her head that we should get together, he is a really interesting guy and I had always wondered about it.

Welp. He looked at my profile - and we have a 91% match. So after some encouragement from my friend, I sent him this:

Hey, how are you? Hope the move went well! So we've seen each other on OkCupid, what are the odds! How would you feel about going for a coffee sometime?


Keeping it breezy, keeping it cool, not putting my hopes into anything. I know he would've seen that we had a high compatibility so maybe he'll think this could be a good idea? I don't know - I really hope so!

It's funny, the idea of meeting up with a total stranger was always the thing I found slightly unnerving about these websites - and now I might be meeting up with someone I actually know.

*Name changed to protect the innocent

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