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The new gig will be the most short-lived gig in the history of gigging!


Tonight, I was talking to a coworker from Egypt what a dog show was. (I don’t know if they don’t have the concept in Egypt, or if it was the English word for the concept.) I think I said, “It’s like a beauty contest for dogs.”

After expressing happiness that we’d euthanized a dog earlier in the summer (“No one should have more than one dog. I’m glad it died.”), and then telling a story about torturing a chihuahua so much her parents gave it away, our delightful shift-leader said, and I quote, “That is the whitest thing I’ve ever heard.”


I meant to put in notice tonight, prior to all the dog hating and some bitchery I’m not going to document, but the managers that count left before I got back from break. Should I a.) call in the morning and let them know the work environment has become too hostile/toxic and I won’t be coming back or b.) go in, put in my notice like an adult, and grumble under my breath whenever Darth Becky approaches?


Basically, what’s the threshold for NOPE. I’M NOT FUCKING DOING THAT ANYMORE? At what point would you Kenny Loggins that shit? What’s the breaking point for people who don’t pride themselves on masochistic integrity?

(Note: I only needed a gig for that awkward period between leaving my last school and when the new one starts paying me. It’s also more comfortable in summers, although this area is way more populated, so I worry less. I was just hired to work for my dream retail gig, if such a thing exists, for $2.50/hr more than the current gig. It starts in 1.5 weeks regardless of notice.)



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