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So my FiL (who is generally terrible) invited his ex wife and two oldest granddaughters to accompany him on a trip to Ottawa. He wanted to see the touring Magna Carta exhibit.

Earlier I posted one story From the beginning of the trip. Yesterday, we hung out at the granddaughters’ family home and heard so more stories.

My MiL says his default mode the entire trip was sulking. They arrived at the hotel to discover that the cot my MiL had requested was not in the room. She asked him to call the front desk and ask for it. He asked why they needed a cot? She told him “Youngest granddaughter is sleeping on it, I am sleeping with oldest granddaughter in the one bed, and you are sleeping in the other one.” And he started sulking even though this had been explained to him already. He called down to the front desk and was told fire regulations did not allow for a cot in that room. He told my MiL this, and went to the bathroom.


My MiL and the granddaughters started rearranging the furniture in the room so they could make up a bed for the youngest one on the floor. He came out of the bathroom, and asked them what they were doing. When they told him, the sulking started again.

My MiL says he sulked by pretending to sleep, by reading a book, and sometimes just sulking like a five year old.

The worst was when they went to the Museum of Nature. My MiL says he is moving *really* slow these days. So slow that she can’t walk with him, either. So at the museum she told the girls to just go where they wanted as long as they stayed on the same floor. My FiL apparently thought the point of the Museum trip was for him to read the captions on the exhibits and then quiz the 14 year old and 12 year old whenever they met up. So they finished the exhibits on one floor, and agreed they were going up to the next floor.

The girls and my MiL walked up the stairs and then waited for him. And waited, and waited. Finally, my MiL became concerned and went back down stairs. She checked all around the floor and asked a security guard to check the men’s room. When she finally went upstairs again, he was up there with the girls waiting. He looked at her and said “I told you I was taking the elevators. You went away and abandoned me. You don’t care.”


My MiL lost it at this point. My MiL is a carer, full stop. If she wasn’t, she wouldn’t still be hanging out with her ex husband 20 years after she left him for being a self-centred, emotionally abusive jerk. She says she thinks the whole floor heard her shouting at him.

Mr Ivriniel says he plays that abandonment tune frequently. I haven’t heard it myself, but apparently after my FiL’s last visit to our place, he complained to my MiL that I had abandoned him and didn’t care. The reason he felt abandoned? He came to our house on a day when he knew I was working on a project for my summer course, and I didn’t stop working on the project and go out for lunch with him and Mr. Ivriniel.


Appaerently he felt further abandoned when Mr. Ivriniel didn’t want to go to the world’s largest hobby shop and walk around with him, on a day that Mr. Ivriniel was receiving IV antibiotics from a homecare nurse for cellulitis in his leg.

Oh, and get all this, despite how horribly his trip with his ex wife and his granddaughters went, he’s trying to convince my MiL to go on a trip with him to the American South. I am wondering if because his health is taking a turn for the worse (They visited my MiL’s niece on the trip,and she was shocked by how much my FiL has changed.) he is feeling desperate not to be alone, and is redoubling his efforts to try and reel his ex wife back in.

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