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Step 1: Answer phone and respond politely to a very common request for a vague collaboration with a completely unconnected organisation with tenuous common goals.

Step 2: Get interrogated about whether this really is the headquarters, whether I can pass him onto "someone in the know" and told that a receptionist shouldn't be making these decisions.

Step 3: Explain that I'm not a receptionist but a communications and marketing professional, and fob him off with the assurance that I'll still email his details to someone else. Do this, get told by my manager not to bother with these requests in the future.


Step 4: Agree with manager that he's probably your standard run-of-the-mill 20 year old tech start-up twatface hoping to blag his way to the top by being ~assertive~.

Step 5: Google him and find out that he's already managed to do that and is worth £££££££££££

Step 6: Feel depressed that someone that awful has made it so far. Remember that even if we'd known we still wouldn't have collaborated with him. Feel a bit better.

Step 7: Wonder if men will always assume I am a receptionist when I answer the phone.

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