(TW: hurt kids, hospitals, emergency rooms)
I was going to be upset about the wait at my local ER tonight, but as the hours have crept by this poor little girl who had her finger smashed in a door ( it's BAD) has just been waiting. Since 2:30. She had pain medication four hours ago, she is sobbing. I cannot even with the amount of pain she is in. She was being so awesome and brave and she is a mess right now.
I am also in a crap load of pain, but I'm 27 and have an idea of what it's like to be in this much pain for an extended period of time. It's cool, I can hang. I'm like, reasonably worried there is something majorly wrong with me but I know it won't go any faster if I stress.
I wish I could give this kid a fast-track pass to see a doctor. I wish I could fix her. Holy hell, I wish I had something to give so she wasn't suffering. It's breaking my heart, guys.