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Scandinavian rye bread

BoyHeathen and I have officially been weekday veg for an entire month now! WE still eat meat on the weekends; but in far far smaller portions. Mostly it has been working through the frozen meat we have in the freezer and adding it to the left overs we have- oh my god vegetables make SO MANY leftovers (we have not bought any meat since we started this thing). I have expanded my repertoire significantly- we currently have four different lentil types in the cupboard, and I learned how to make Hasselback potatoes (which may not be the healthiest but goddamn they are tasty and super impressive on the plate) I made the Scandinavian rye bread from Food and Wine magazine, which was sooo good and made the house smell amazing, and then that night made grilled cheeses that were incredibly satisfying and comforting (though unfortunately did not lead to sexy sex).


My next big step is to get a spiralizer and start making vegetable noodles! They sound so light and tasty for summer. Does anybody have one? Do you like it? Do you use it- or is it a "gimmicky" kitchen appliance? Recipes?

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