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Adventures With Hair Dye, Part 2

I never posted anything about part 1, even though it was rather eventful.

So part 1!

I dyed my hair black (ended up dying around the blonde streak which worked surprisingly well). I decided, against my better judgement, to put the dye in about 10 minutes before exterminators were coming to my house to deal with our fly problem. So here I am, covered in black hair dye, and the guys come and are like "alright you gotta go outside cuz we have to spray." So I go "ok, but regardless in 15 minutes I'm coming in to wash this out of my hair." They thought I was joking. I never joke about hair. Never.


15 minutes go by and they come out and say they're done and "you might want to wait out here for an hour or so until the apartment airs out." LOLNOPE. I ask "if I go inside, will I die?" to which they say no, it just smells really bad and I'll probably choke a bit, but why? To which I respond "I will risk death to make sure my hair doesn't fall out." They laugh and look at my mom who says "yeah she's not kidding." So they say "alright just hold your breath and run to your bathroom, we didn't spray in there anyway" and I do just that (oh btw, my house smelled like a chemical plant for a day. Oh and we still have flies. Fail.).

This was on...Wednesday? I believe? Anyway, hair looked great! But after washing it last night I realized that the dye didn't take to my roots very well, so my roots were this (quite lovely, I might add) red-tinted black color and my ends were just black. So now I took dye to my roots again in hopes that it'll stick this time. If not I'm just rocking the ombre look. Is that still in? *shrug*

I should add I also just worked an 11 hour shift from 5am-4pm. I did that on 2 hours of sleep. I still haven't slept. I can't feel things, you guys. I'm so tired I'm no longer tired.

Happy Friday friends!

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