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I've mostly gotten through the huge backlog of orders I had (VV, yours are almost done! I didn't like how the stars looked, so I'm re-doing them!) and Aurora F posted pics of hers, so I thought I would show you guys a little of my process and advertise for my shop, Shoeperduper, at the same time!

So here's a pair I'm working on now.


I start by drawing in pencil and then I outline with an ultra fine sharpie when I'm satisfied with the design. It doesn't have to be perfect since I'll be painting over it.

Then I begin painting! I usually do two or three coats to avoid leaving any teeny white spots and so the outline can't be seen through the paint.


After the shoes dry, I outline the details with a sharpie as you can see here on this Minecraft pair I'm almost done with. These are also a little shiny since I've already sprayed them with the acrylic sealant I use to keep the paint safe from the elements.


This is where I put shoes to dry! Apparently it is dusty, so I better wipe that off!

Anywho, that is a brief look into my process. Now go buy shoes!


Also, I've had these LSP shoes lying around for a while, so if anyone wears a men's size 9 and is into Adventure Time, they're listed in my shop and they're the only pair that are actually already finished


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