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Advertising that makes you embarrassed

Do you use a product or service whose advertising makes you embarrassed to be a consumer of said product or service?

I have been a member of Equinox gyms for over 3 years, since I moved to Chicago. (In NYC I was a Crunch fan.) I get a friends and family discount since my friend/old roommate in NYC is a manager of one of their clubs there, so I'm not paying their exorbitant membership prices. Their club is clean and has good equipment and is close to my work, so those are really my only three criteria...I'm not a picky gym goer.

But ever since I've first gone there, I've thought their advertising was just downright embarrassing. Just really trying way too hard. But their latest campaign really takes the cake. If you're not familiar with the Equinox Made Me Do It campaign, then I envy you. While the campaign marks a welcome break from Terry Richardson doing their ad campaigns, the reps say the slogan represents "Lowered inhibitions and playful naughtiness are the side effects of living a more provoked life." I mean, that doesn't even make sense. What is a "more provoked life"? It sure as hell doesn't sound like something I would want. The pillars around my gym are wrapped with inexplicable pictures with modified slogans, like a man wearing a pink costume bunny head that says "Equinox Made Me Grow It". The ads inside the building are absolutely enormous, and every time I see them, they make me want to hide my face coming out of the gym.


So how about you, GTers? Do you use anything that you're embarrassed to be using due to bizarre advertising? If not, is there a specific ad campaign that you find just bizarre in general?

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