On Monday, I mentioned that I went to see a therapist (or whatever she is...I'm not sure, but she has a Psy.D) at a clinic to determine if I would need to be tested for Adult ADD or any other disorders. She said that she thought I was a good candidate for Adult ADD screening and screening for an anxiety disorder. However, she told me the tests would be near $400, and that is too much for me/my parents. Also, I really didn't like the office or the therapist. For one thing, my mom contacted the office nearly 5 times to ask them something related to the tests and our insurance and left messages, but they were really slow at getting back to us. Then there's the fact that I felt like the therapist was...not really listening to me? For instance, I have a first name that's kind of hard to pronounce, so sometimes I prefer for people to call me by another name. I told her this and she completely ignored it! I mean, it's nice that she is willing to call me by my first name, but I suspect that she didn't even hear what I said because she made no comment after I told her that she could call me by my nickname.

Okay, sorry for rambling but back to my need for advice: is it wise to keep looking at other clinics a) to see if their costs are possibly better and b) to see if I can find somewhere that I feel more comfortable with? Or are all the local clinics going to be the same? Maybe the answer is obvious, but I have no idea...I feel pretty hopeless because my experience at this place was pretty frustrating and not really that helpful.