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Welcome To The Bitchery

I kinda already know the answer but please tell me that I'm doing the right thing here.

Long story short, I like a guy, Mark* who has a girlfriend. At first it was just a really great friendship. I've never been friends with a guy like I've been with Mark. We just clicked and it was super easy to talk to him and be around him.

Then we started flirting and he told me he had a girlfriend. We stopped talking for a few weeks. Then we starting talking again and the flirting ramped up to sexting and the like. We've never done anything physical with each other aside from hugging.


I cut off all contact with him in January because we basically can't just be friends with each other and he isn't available for more. A week ago he liked two pictures on my Instagram. Yesterday he direct messaged a picture of me on Instagram with a cute little comment.

I have been so good about not talking to him. I unfriended him on Facebook and Instagram. I deleted my Cinemagram because he was my only friend on that. I got rid of him on my gmail. I've deleted everything he ever sent me.

I shouldn't acknowledge that direct message right? I should just delete it and continue ignoring him...right? It's been 3 months since I last spoke with him. I definitely still have romantic feelings for him. When I saw that he had messaged me, my chest got all tight and I almost started crying like a silly woman.

*name changed

Anyway, I made that meat pie for the Game of Thrones viewing party at my friend's house and it was a big hit. I had people going back for seconds!

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