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Advice column recommendations?

I'm kind of addicted to advice columns, and the only one I've been reading is Emily Yoffe's 'Dear Prudence', even though she's horrible. It's more interesting to read what people write in about than her actual advice, so I hadn't stopped before.

In light of the "let's tell college women to stop drinking if they don't want to get raped" article, and the utter stupidity in the last column I read*, I would really, really like to get my random-people's-issues fix without being exposed to a person who makes my skin crawl. Friendzoned (ugh, name) doesn't come out enough! Halp!

Any recommendations?

Also, if your advice is "Zokajo, get thee away from advice columns!" that is welcome too.


*Yoffe didn't see the subject line for one question, which was 'Raped by My Best Friend'. The LW detailed a story of her best friend passed out drunk, she fell asleep beside him and woke up to him holding her down and touching her. Yoffe's initial advice was that this is horrendous, but what about his feelings and his future (because he was having personal issues at the time), so maybe she shouldn't report it. After (obviously) being called on this, she updated it to say "I didn't see the subject line - with that in mind, she should seek counseling and his needs come secondary to hers", essentially.

Because this woman is so goddamned idiotic that she needed the word 'rape' to realize that holding someone down and touching them can be rape. Even her update and apology exposed how horrible she is for women's rights and sexual assault victims/survivors/warriors. Fuck you, Emily Yoffe.

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