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Advice for an almost 1st gen college grad?

I know these posts are a dime a dozen, so I'll keep it short and sweet.

In the least humble brag way possible, I'm a first generation college student. My father never saw a single day of high school. My family are Italian Catholics and really believe you should be pregnant by the time you're my age (I am officially the only cousin of my generation without a baby, much less two babies, but that's another story of fucked upness), so I am an incredible anomaly that they all love to hate (not my dad, though—he raised us atheist).


My health has been shit since I transferred colleges and moved to New England, so while my initial plan was to move immediately to a big city in the South, I've decided that's not the best course of action. I've mentioned it elsewhere (likely in relation to having a service dog), but I have severe PTSD, which I really want to get in check before I go in another "grand adventure." So while I despise the idea of moving back home, it's beginning to not look so bad, which is so strange. If you had asked me last year, I would have said I'd never, ever move back, but now it's all I've got to keep me going. I'm thrilled to be on sandy beaches in about three months surrounded by friends and my small family.

My point is this: what advice would you give to a 1st gen? I am not looking for some SPECTACULAR job, I'm realistic, and frankly I probably sell myself way too short. I won't have an engineering degree, but I will have a degree from a Seven Sisters. My dream is to work for the government in some way (I would start anywhere—I'm passionate about serving first and foremost, although my interests are in intelligence and homeland security). I know that's not really realistic either though, I want to be able to put my husband through college once I graduate, so I can't expect us to live off gov't wages like that for four years. Therefore, I am completely open to working in the private sector doing whatever to make some money for us to save and such. As long as the work isn't absolutely miserable, I don't really care what I do. Pleasure comes after work hours for me, at least at this point in my life.


I grew up dirt poor, and have no idea what the fuck to expect, basically. I am the first, and have no one to look up to that I'm close with, and no one to ask for advice. My school's services have been less than helpful because they're not really equipped to deal with people that don't get to eat three square meals a day (see: Seven Sisters = generally rich students).

Anyone have any advice? It will be greatly appreciated!

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