My partner and I have decided to adopt a kitten (the cutie in the picture). We've both had cats before, but this will be my first kitten. We found a few great rescues in our area and, last night we saw a four-month old kitten that was rescued as a stray about a month and a half ago. It seems like she's adapted to living with people well, but she's still a bit shy. The foster said it would take her a week or two to adapt to us, but that she's normally very playful and affectionate with people she knows. We loved her and we have to give our decision tonight.

The foster said we'd need to keep her in a closed room for a few days when we get her home, which is our first problem, as we only have the one bathroom, but it's doable. She seems well behaved and not hostile at all. She's spayed and has her two first vaccine boosters, so we'd only need to get her the last round for the year. So, any advice GTers?